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Who is eligible to join the Armada?

Does my child have to be able to swim all four competitive strokes?

Anyone aged 5-17 as of May 1 of the season in question may join the Armada, as long as they can complete the minimum race distance. For swimmers 13 and older, this is 50 yards (2 lengths, or 1 full lap, of most pools); for swimmers 12 and younger, this is 25 yard (1 length of most pools).

Younger swimmers may be accepted if they are not able to swim the entire length of the pool but show potential to do so within the season.

Any swimmer who joins Armada should be comfortable in the water without flotation devices or parents, and able to take direction from coaches and junior coaches.

Please note that for our youngest swimmers, coaches and junior coaches are in the lanes with the swimmers. All strokes are taught; proficiency in competitive strokes need not be a precursor to joining the team.

However, please do note that Armada is a competitive swimming team, and the goal is to prepare swimmers for competition. Competition in the four strokes is our short- and long-term goal for each team member, and we do encourage all swimmers that are able to swim the minimum distance to attend as many meets as possible so they can see their own progress.

The Board and coach cap the number of younger/ beginner swimmers joining the team.  The number of younger swimmers we take each year varies based on available coaches and junior coaches. If you have a younger swimmer, the best course is to register as early as possible.

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