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My swimmer dropped more time than this week's Fast Fishy...why did he not receive the award?

Each week the WBA honors the swimmers in each age group that record the largest overall time improvement with a cap and the designation of "Fast Fishy." The Fast Fishy award is based on current year times only, and only events that swimmers improved in are considered.

The first reason your swimmer may have a bigger drop and not earn the designation is that you may have considered the other swimmer's time added in your analysis. For example, if a swimmer improves by 2 seconds in one event and 15 in another, but does worse by 20 seconds in their third event, only the 2 and 15 second drops will be counted in the Fast Fishy calculation. If you were including the 20 second "add" in the third event, it might look like the swimmer didn't drop any time overall, when they did.

Another reason your swimmer may not receive Fast Fishy is that they are only awarded the cap once per season. If they achieve Fast Fishy a second time, they are recognized for this accomplishment in the newsletter, and receive a candy or other treat, but not a second cap. The cap goes to the next person in line who dropped time but has not yet been Fast Fishy this year.

Finally, and possibly most likely, it could be that you are calculating the winner's time drop from last season's time. The Meet Mobile app, for example, keeps a swimmers' fastest-ever time in its memory. So if the winner swam a 40-second freestyle today, 45-second freestyle last year, but the best she has swum this year was a 50-second freestyle, then the time drop for Fast Fishy purposes is 10 seconds (today's swim of 40 seconds less the fastest swim this year so far of 50 seconds), whereas Meet Mobile will reflect only a 5 second time drop (today's swim of 40 seconds less the fastest overall time of 45 seconds).

If you believe you have been denied the Fast Fishy award in error, please bring it to our attention. Please inform the person in charge of the newsletter, the Meet Director, or the President, and they will ask the computer representative to take another look at the results. Please do NOT talk to the coaches about it; while they communicate the award to the swimmers and give out the caps, they are not in charge of verifying the numbers and will ultimately just have to bring it to the attention of the Board.  YES, we do want to know; you are one of the checks that our computer reports are working appropriately, and if the wrong person has been recognized we definitely want to make sure we get recognition to those who earned it!

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