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Why does my swimmer have to swim every event to earn the season high point award? She should be able to swim her best events, and the person with the most points wins!

High point awards are given at the end of the season to the top-3 point earners in each gender and age group. The team additionally requires that any swimmer earning a high-point award has at least attempted every event offered for their age group in at least one dual meet during the season.

The high point award is an honor that is given to swimmers that have done the most for the team in terms of points scored. That is why points earned at the Red, White, and Blue Meet or any Time Trials meet (if applicable) do not count toward the high point totals.

Given that we are emphasizing the high point swimmers' contributions to the team, we need the high point winners to exhibit a team-first attitude. The team's most important meet during the season is the Divisional Championship meet, and in order to swim an event at the Divisional Championship meet, a swimmer must have a legal time in that event from the current season.

For the Divisional Championship meet, the coaches may use their discretion to move swimmers to events in which they will score the most points for the team. If the swimmer has not swum an event that year, this option is not available to the team. It hurts the team, and it also places other individuals that have followed this rule at a disadvantage, since they are now more likely to be moved.

Please note that we do not require a legal time in every event, just an attempt. Therefore, if your 6&U swimmer has trouble swimming the breaststroke or butterfly legally, but signs up and makes an honest attempt during one meet, that will count towards their fulfillment of this requirement, even if they are disqualified.

Please also note that events not offered for a particular age group (50 Free for 6&U swimmers, 100 IM for 8&U swimmers) are not required.

Please further note that the events must be attempted at a dual meet: swims from the Red, White, and Blue Meet do not count since the times are not official and cannot be used to place a swimmer in an event at the Divisional Championship Meet.  Swims from any time trials meets (if applicable) also do not count toward high point, as points are not awarded at time trials meets since there is no competitor team present.

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