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OME Tutorial

OME - Online Meet Entry

Who should use the OME feature?
EVERY swimmer should enter their meet status in the system for each meet.

Get Started: go to

Click on the link to the meet. When you see the page below, you can click on Job sign-up for your volunteer position and then on Swimmer Signup to enter the swimmer in the meet and choose events. If your swimmer is not swimming in this meet, you only have to click on Swimmer Signup.

Volunteer sign-up

On the volunteer job assignment page, choose which parent will be volunteering -- both are welcome to work! When you click the "Signup for Jobs" green button, you will see a list of volunteer jobs that are still open.

After you choose your job and save it, you will see the screen below showing your choice.

Swimmer sign-up

Now, click on the swimmer sign up link. You will see your swimmer(s) name(s). click on Edit Entries.
Be sure you complete this process for each swimmer in your family.

Now, click on the arrow to enter your meet status.

You will click on the arrow and revel a menu with the 5 choices below.
If you are attending the meet, you will ususally choose Option #1. If you are not attending, choose #5.

  1. Attending this meet and available for ANY relays
  2. Attending this meet BUT cannot swim early relays
  3. Attending this meet BUT cannot swim LATE relays
  4. Attending this meet BUT cannot swim ANY relays
  5. Will NOT be attending this meet

You should only check one of the 3 "cannot swim a relay" if your swimmer will have to leave before we swim the final relay or you have a young swimmer who is not ready to swim a relay. Our coaching staff determines who is on relays each week and we try our best to make sure each swimmer swims at least one per meet. That is not always possible, especially for the older swimmers who have smaller groups.

Choose Events: Swimmers choose up to 3 events per meet. The events are listed in the order they will be swam. You should always choose 3 events unless your swimmer has not learned 3 events yet.

NOTE: The coaching staff can override your choices if they need to in order to balance our swimmers in events or because a coach wants to see a swimmer compete in a certain event, etc...

Confirm Events: As you click on the check box, the line will turn blue. After you choose your 3, click on the SAVE Entries button at the bottom.

Your swimmer is now entered in the meet. You can log back in at any time unitl the meet is closed and change your meet status or change events. However, once we officially close the meet - usually Monday's at noon - you will not be able to change events.



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