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Concession Menu - BCC Meet

Below is the fabulous menu our concession team is preparing for the meet tomorrow!  They accept cash, credit and have $10 laminated cards for sale.

Breakfast: Thanks!!!
Breakfast Tacos - $2

* Bean & Cheese

* Egg & Potato

* Egg & Bacon

Donuts - $1

Coffee - $1 (free refills)

**We accept cash and credit cards.

**We also have $10 punch cards.


Juice (Apple / Orange) - $1

Soda / Tea / Water - $1

Gatorade - $2


Hot dogs - $2

Sausage wraps - $3 (Elgin sausage)

Frito Pie - $3

Chili dogs - $3

Cheeseburgers - $4

Hamburgers - $4

Bacon Cheeseburger - $5

Pulled Pork - $5 (coleslaw available)

Tortellini - $4


Pickles - $1

Poptarts - $1

Chips - $1

Candy - $1

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Weekly Reminders

We will not be having our regularly scheduled practice on Monday, 5/29, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday for practices, at your regularly scheduled time.

1. Sat, May 27, WBA vs BCC Sharks: We will be hosting the meet at our pool. Details below.

2. Sat, June 3 Meet (open for swimmer / volunteer job registration): Online Meet Entry tutorial (instructions) for the online meet entry are located under the resources tab or can be found here.

3. Swim Meet Tips and Tricks / Available Swim Meet Apps: See Below.

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Armada Swim Suits Available for Purchase

Armada swim suits are available for sale!  

Male Jammers are $38.39 and Female Suits are $55.99.

Please talk to or contact Marcynda with questions and to coordinate a time for your swimmer to try on a suit at .

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Pool Maps (Meet Information)

Pool Maps are located in the resource tab on our website.  The maps notate where swimmers are dropped off, where the kids "pits" are located, the locations of the volunteer table, ready benches, concessions, swim shop, etc. Please take a look to familiarize yourself with the layout prior to Saturday.  Click HERE for a shortcut!

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Balcones Country Club - May 27 (Home)

Our first Dual meet is this Saturday against the BCC Sharks. Each swimmer is allowed to enter up to three (3) individual events and notate if they are available for the freestyle and medley relays. Please arrive on time. Late arrival could result in your swimmer being scratched from their relay.

Scratch: Once we close the meet online, email, or text to 512-659-1373 if you have to scratch.

Key Information:
Location Willow Bend Pool Theme Tie Die
Arrive 6:00 am WBA Warm-Ups 6:20 am to 6:50 am
Visitor Warm-Ups 6:50 am to 7:20 am Meet Starts 7:30 am
Concessions 7-8 year olds

Meet Set-up: Friday, May 26 at 6:30 pm

* Meet setup will start at 6:30 pm for this meet. We must move all tables and chairs and put out ready benches, ropes and the announcer tables. If you signed up as part of the setup team for your volunteer assignment, or if you'd like to lend an extra hand, please be at the pool then.

* The morning of the meet, we need help setting up pop-up tents around the pool. We appreciate all the help we can get putting these tents up and taking them down at the end of the day.

Clean Up

We ask everyone to clean up the pit and pool areas before they leave. We must return the pool area to its original condition. The more people who help, the sooner everyone can leave. Pit parents should not release swimmers until their area is restored.


At a home meet, Armada families leave the lot adjacent to the pool for our guest team.  Additional parking will be along Sauls and Crissom next to the pool and the elementary school, and on the street on Long Vista. Please do NOT park along Bratton or in any of the parking lots for businesses you see along Bratton and Long Vista, as you will risk being towed. There will be overflow parking at the Rec Center on Shoreline Dr., but it is a small hike from there to the pool.

Please allow extra time to find a place to park and potentially walk a fair distance to the pool. You may also wish to drop swimmers off and then go find parking.

Concessions Donations: Also, please note that for each home meet, a certain age group (or groups) is asked to bring concessions donations to help our concessions stand provide low-cost, nutritional snacks for the swimmers at a reasonable price. The preferred donation is fruit, since this is something that the concessions volunteers cannot pre-purchase or store easily and is in high demand at meets.

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Swim Meet Tips and Checklist

Here are a few important tips to make your swim meet experience successful:

tips Be on time. At the beginning of the meet the coaches will make changes to relay events if there are swimmers that are absent or missing. It is important that swimmers check-in with their pit parent to avoid being scratched from any relay event.
tips Bring nutritious snacks. The swim meets begin very early in the morning and last until noon or later. Please pack healthy snacks for your swimmers to eat such as fresh fruit, bagels, crackers, water, sports drinks, etc. We make an attempt to offer healthy items at the concession stand.
tips Pack appropriate supplies.Towels, sunscreen, goggles, etc - See checklist below...
tips Swimmers should stay in their pit areas The Pit Parents are responsible for watching the swimmers in the pit area and getting them to the ready bench when it is time for their event. If your child is going somewhere with you, please let the pit parents know.
tips MARK EVERYTHING! Please write your child's name on ALL belongings. At the meet, there will be dozens of identical t-shirts, caps, goggles - plus similar towels, flip flips, sunscreen. Don't forget to mark any electronic games - they get mixed up!


Checklist 2 towels Checklist Water or sport's drinks
Checklist Blanket to sit on in pit area Checklist Nutritious snacks
Checklist Warm clothes for after warm-up in early a.m. Checklist Quiet activities to keep them occupied in the pit area between races
Checklist Swim cap Checklist Sunblock
Checklist Goggles Checklist Parents: Bring a chair, wear a hat, apply sunblock!
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Swim Meet Apps: MeetMobile and MeetBop

Parents with Smart Phones! There are a couple of apps that you can utilize to keep track of event times and event results. MeetBop and MeetMobile for the 2017 season.

MeetBop: A parent in the Northwest Swim Circuit developed this app to notify parents via text message of an upcoming race, in advance of when swimmers are scheduled to swim. It is free to download and since the Circuit has paid for it, it does not require a subscription. We highly recommend that you download this app if you volunteer in a position that cannot see the pool, and/or that may require wrap-up and transition to someone else prior to leaving for a moment to see your swimmer swim. MeetBop will also display official meet results for each event once completed and confirmed.

MeetMobile: This app allows you to view heat sheets, heat and lane assignments, estimated start times and real time results both individual and team. You can also flag your “favorite swimmers”. Please note that some of the features requires a “subscription fee” to utilize. The requested fee is a MeetMobile requirement and the Wells Branch Armada swim team does not benefit from the fee in any way, nor can we waive it.

Meet results are always posted on the wall behind the lifeguard stand at every meet, and also on the website once the meet is completed.

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WBA News

Fundraising: Please help us with fundraising by being aware of opportunities at work. Many companies have matching programs or reward employees for volunteer time. See below for more information.

Sponsors: Also, have a business you want to advertise?  An Armada sponsorship is a great way to do it, and may be tax-deductible.  Please contact Steven Wilson if you are interested in sponsoring the team or helping with fundraising.

Frequently Asked Questions: New to Armada and have some questions? Armada veteran and always wondered why we do something a certain way? Please check out our FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question, by all means please feel free to contact the appropriate person here.

Interested in Helping: There are always opportunities to help out Armada like fundraising, coach appreciation, team spirit activities, scholarship committee, etc., even if you are not interested in being a full-time member of the Armada board.

Interested?  Contact Peter if you'd like to learn more.  Thank you!!!

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What is your company's corporate donation policy?

It has been brought to our attention that certain locally-based businesses donate to 501(c)(3) organizations either through matching programs or through programs that contribute money to organizations for which their employees volunteer time. Usually, the hours have to be tracked in the company's system or minimal documentation has to be completed, but that is often the only requirement.

Please find out if your company provides this benefit, and if so, please designate WBA as a recipient. Also, if your company has a public website that explains and advertises their policy, please send it to Mike Zayas and we will put a link here to make it easier on everyone.

Here are two that have been brought to our attention:

Dell: Make A Difference - Please note that in addition to matching programs, Dell volunteers with ten or more hours with any charitable organization and time tracked in the Dell online tracking system may choose a charity of their choice and Dell will make a donation.

GM: Dollars for Doers - Through Dollars for Doers, the General Motors Foundation will add to your volunteer impact by awarding a $200 donation to an eligible organization for which you have volunteered 50 or more hours within the calendar year.

HP: Employee Giving Program - Please help us keep fees low going forward, and make the best use possible of opportunities such as these.

Thank you for your help!

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2017 WBA Team Photo

Photo by Zelia Mielcarek

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