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Why was my swimmer's event changed? We wanted what we signed up for!

The coach has discretion to change a swimmer's events before seeding the meet, and may do so for any of a number of reasons. Some of the reasons follow:

  • Swimmers in an age group are not distributed evenly among events. For example, if there are a lot of swimmers in the freestyle event, and only a few, or none, in the Individual Medley (IM), the coach may move one or more swimmers from freestyle to IM in order to have adequate representation from our team in that event.
  • The coach may move a swimmer from one event to another to encourage growth in the swimmer's skills, to have the swimmer try an event they haven't tried, etc.
  • Especially in the Divisional meet, the coach may move swimmers around for the purposes of maximizing the team's potential to score points.

If there is a particular event that the swimmer does not want to be changed out of, perhaps because they are trying to qualify for Invitationals, or break a record, or any other reason, this should be indicated in the "Note to coaches" section of the online Meet Attendance Form, and usually the request will be honored.
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