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How does my swimmer qualify for various swim meets?

Red, White, & Blue Meet: This is our practice meet, and coaches may be in the water with swimmers. Any swimmer registered with the Armada can swim this meet, whether or not they can make it across the pool. All are encouraged to come, as this is when the team picture is taken as well!

Dual Meets: Any swimmer that can swim one length of freestyle can swim in a dual meet. For other strokes, swimmers should be able to swim the stroke legally (ie, without being disqualified). Coaches will let you know when your swimmer is ready for a specific event; feel free to ask them if you're unsure.

Divisional Championships: According to the NWSC bylaws, a swimmer must have competed in at least two dual meets during the current season to be eligible to participate in the Divisional Championship Meet. Also, for each event they want to swim at the Divisional meet, they must have swum that event during a dual meet in the current season without being disqualified.

Invitational Championships: To swim in the Invitational Championship meet, swimmers must meet certain minimum time standards for their age group, which are posted here: Invitational Time Standards. Additionally, the Armada has a team rule that to compete in the Invitational Championships, a swimmer must have competed in the Divisional Championship meet.

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