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Issue 9: July 5, 2017

Please take a few moments to read the entire newsletter! There are numerous items below which include: News from the WBA President, Head Coach and Volunteer Coordinator; Weekly Reminders, Upcoming Meet Information, Coach Appreciation Day, Spirit Day, 2018 Armada Board Nominations and of course the Wrap Up from our last meet. Thanks.

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Important Reminders:

Upcoming Meet Information

  • Sat, July 8, Divisional Meet (details below)
  • Sat, July 15, Invitational Meet @ A&M (open for registration)

Upcoming Team Events

  • Thurs, July 6: Coach Appreciation Day (details below / My Favorite Things link on top right corner of home page)
  • Fri, July 7: Spirit / Fun Day (during all practices)
  • Mon, July 10: Hat Creek Burgers (Round Rock location) from 5pm-9pm.
  • Thurs, July 13: Armada Awards Night (6:30pm)
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Captain's Corner

Greetings Armada Families! Last Saturday’s meet against the Hurricanes was our last dual meet of the season, and man did we make it a great one! This week’s meet is our Divisional Meet against the 3 other teams in our division, and with that many teams in one meet, there is going to be plenty of exciting races this Saturday. A big thanks to everyone that helped tear down after our last meet; tear down was a little more extensive since it was out last home meet of the season. Swim fast Armada, and we will see y’all at the pool!!

With the season almost at an end, here are some reminders of the last few events we have before we close out another fantastic season. Our next Spirit Night will be on July 10th from 5pm-9pm at Hat Creek Burger in Round Rock off of Highway 79. Coach Appreciation Day is Thursday July 6th, and I have emailed the details to the whole team. This Friday July 7th is Spirit Day, and I will be sending out an email with details tomorrow. Our Awards Banquet is Thursday July 13th, and Invitationals for those that have qualified is on July 15th. See y’all at the pool this week!

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Coach's Corner

As we near the end of our season I’d like to congratulate all of our swimmers and parents on an outstanding job. It is hard to believe we have already spent almost 10 weeks together! I can speak for the coaches in saying we have enjoyed all of it and will be sad to see it end. This season like all seasons has been filled with so many amazing moments and achievements. I hope you and your swimmers have enjoyed your time on the team and I look forward to seeing you next summer.*:) happy 

This week we will be finishing strong as we have a few more practice days and our Divisional Championship meet this weekend. We will be practicing next week as well and welcome all swimmers to join us regardless of whether or not they qualified for Invitationals. Thank for the time you have spent with us and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer!

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Final Spirit Night

We have ONE FINAL Spirit Night scheduled for the season at Hat Creek Burger Company, a fun place to wrap up our season. Join us for a great meal and playtime on the playground for the kiddos on:

Monday, July 10th at Hat Creek Burgers (Round Rock location) from 5pm-9pm.

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Divisional Championship - July 8 (Away)

Our FINAL swim meet is this Saturday against the Rattan Creek Hurricanes. Please arrive on time. Late arrival could result in your swimmer being scratched from their relay. Allow extra time for parking.

Scratch: Once we close the meet online, email, or text to 512-659-1373 if you have to scratch.

Key Information:
Location: Rattan Creek Pool  (map)
7617 Elkhorn Mountain Trail, Austin, TX 78729
Swimmers / Volunteer
6:00 AM Meet Starts 7:05 AM
WBA Warm-Ups 6:25 am to
6:55 am
Theme Red, White & Blue

Meet Set-up:
Saturday, July 8th at 5:30AM

Clean Up: We ask everyone to clean up the pit and pool areas before they leave. We must return the pool area to its original condition. The more people who help, the sooner everyone can leave. Pit parents should not release swimmers until their area is restored.

Location: Rattan Creek Pool

Parking: The pool parking lot is reserved for only those with parking passes (team equipment trucks / vans; concession crew; etc.). Parking for teams is allowed on Elkhorn Montain and Tamayo as well as in the neighborhood.

Please allow extra time to find a place to park and potentially walk a fair distance to the pool. You may also wish to drop swimmers off and then go find parking.

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Coach Appreciation Day Thursday July 6

We will be celebrating and thanking our coaching staff for their hard work this season during practices on Thursday, July 6th! On the morning of the 6th, we will have a “buffet style” table set up with breakfast items and snacks for the Coaches and Junior Coaches. Please feel free to add any food items you’d like to donate. Individual fruit cups/bags and watermelon slices are always a big hit!

We have also compiled a list of "Favorite Things" from each of the Coaches and Jr. Coaches - helpful if you are looking for gift ideas for your child's coach. There will be a binder out at practices with this information and we've also included a link on the home page.

For your convenience, we have listed the names of each coach below to aid your swimmer in remembering the coaches that have helped them along the way. Pictures are also available by clicking on the “Coaches” and “Junior Coaches” link provided below.

*Homemade thank you cards are always enjoyed and appreciated*

Coaches: Gina, Tucker, Amy, Bethany, Courtney, Danielle, Jack, Miranda

Junior Coaches: Abbie, Andrew, Bella, Catilin, Cody, Chloe, Caleb, Jenna, John Henry, Kayla, Maddie, Nicole, Serena, Sevana, Victoria, Zach

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Armada Spirit / FUN Day Friday July 7th

The “SPIRIT TABLE” will be set up during practices next FRIDAY (July 7th)

We will be working on Spirit Items for our Division 4 Championship meet held on Saturday, July 8th at Rattan Creek. Stop by and show our swimmers your support and creativity! Items will be kept and hung around the tents at Divisionals.

We'll also enjoy some "POPular" cool treats after each of the practices this day so be sure to attend!

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Executive Board Slate for 2017/2018

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the Executive Board Slate for 2017/2018:

President: Peter Mielcarek Treasurer: Mike Zayas Member At Large
 (Co-Volunteer Coordinator)
Rosimeiry Jamalabad
Vice President: Soonee Wright Meet Director: Paul Wadhera Member At Large
(Swim Shop)
Marcynda Verdicchio
Secretary: Brenda Pinkston Circuit Rep: Janell Taffinder Member At Large
Steven Wilson

Thank you. A vote from the Membership will be held at the Annual Swim Team Meeting, July 13, 2017. Please see the below Article VII; Section A and Article X; Section B for specific information regarding additional nominations prior to July 13, 2017.

Trish, Marcynda & Sarah

Under Article VII, Section A of the Wells Branch Armada Swim Team By-Laws:

Nomination Committee Process and Election of Executive Board Offices A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President with at least one (1) and not more than two (2) current Board Members and must include a representative that is not already a member of the Executive Board. The President is not a member of this committee. The nonboard member should be the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is responsible for filling all offices of the Executive Board. The Nominating Committee is responsible for filling all offices of the Executive Board. The Nominating Committee will announce the proposed slate of officers 10 days prior to the SWIM TEAM's annual meeting, via the SWIM TEAM website and via the SWIM TEAM email distribution list of the membership. Additional nominations may be made from the membership during the 10 days preceding the annual meeting.

These additional nominations must be made in writing to the chair of the Nominating Committee (with the proposed candidate's prior consent).

Any additional nominations to the slate of officers will be added to the list that will be reviewed at the annual SWIM TEAM meeting.

No nominations from the floor will be allowed during the annual SWIM TEAM meeting. The election process for the offices of the Executive Board will be conducted by someone who is not a current or nominated board member and will be determined by upheld hands based on a simple majority of members present at the annual SWIM TEAM meeting.

Trish Koester Marcynda Verdicchio Sara Marquez
Nominating Chair Nominating Member Nominating Member

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Wrap Up: Armada vs. Hurricanes

Check below from this last Saturdays meet Record Breakers; Gold Medal Individual and Relay Winners, Fast Fishies; Triple Drop Swimmers and Invitational Qualifiers.

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Gold Medal Relay Winners

These WB Armada swimmers and their teammates excelled by placing first in the Medley Relays at the meet this past Saturday. Congratulations.

Medley Relay Winners:

Event # 2 Girls 7-8 100 Medley 1:36.47 Smits, Mia Marquez, Teya Cooper, Hallie Hernandez Soto, Montserrat
Event # 6 Girls 11-12 100 Medley 1:05.16 Harris, Arwen Lofland, Maya Raymond, Rachel Chambers, Joy
Event # 9 Boys 13-14 200 Medley 2:03.62 Freeman, Ephraim Gavin, Keegan  Tolfa, Jacob Edwards, Levi 
Event # 10 Girls 15-17 200 Medley 2:06.60 Bradberry, Isabella Good, Kayla Nguyen, Brittney Allen, Sevana
Event # 11 Boys 15-17 200 Medley 1:48.42 Jahnke, Caleb  Do, Austine  Taffinder, Andrew Pope, Fox

Freestyle Relay Winners:

Event # 78 Girls 7-8 100 Free 1:26.16 Hernandez Soto, Montserrat Smits, Mia  Dowie, Abigail Cooper, Hallie 
Event # 81 Boys 9-10 100 Free 1:03.34 Freeman, Elias Wright, Hayden  Jamalabad, Reza  Mielcarek, Phoenix 
Event # 82 Girls 11-12 100 Free 58.51 Harris, Arwen Herold, Marianna Lofland, Maya  Chambers, Joy
Event # 85 Boys 13-14 200 Free 1:45.63 Freeman, Ephraim Edwards, Levi Tolfa, Jacob Gavin, Keegan
Event # 86 Girls 15-17 200 Free 2:01.83 Trunick, Victoria Wright, Madeline  Taffinder, Amy Finch, Chloe 
Event # 87 Boys 15-17 200 Free 1:38.36 Taffinder, Andrew Do, Austine  Jahnke, Caleb Pope, Fox

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Gold Medal Individual Winners

These WB Armada swimmers excelled by placing first in one, two, or three individual events at the WBA meet this past Saturday.

Single Winners Double Winners Triple Winners
Allen, Sevana Cooper, Lorelai Good, Justin
Bradberry, Isabella Freeman, Ephraim Lofland, Maya
Chambers, Joy Gavin, Keegan Mielcarek, Phoenix
Cooper, Hallie Good, Kayla Pope, Fox
Do, Austine Smits, Mia
Freeman, Elias Tolfa, Jacob
Gomez-Horton, Eduardo
Harris, Arwen
Hernandez Soto, Montse
Herold, Bella
Jahnke, Caleb
Larimore, Faith
Marquez, Teya
Munoz, Abigail
Myung, Caleb
Nguyen, Brittney
Nisenfeld, Sidney
Pinkston, Rachel
Raymond, Rachel
Taffinder, Andrew
Wadehra, Beck
Wright, Jackson

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Fast Fishy Swimmers

Each week the WBA honors the swimmers in each age group that record the largest time improvement. In swimming, the goal is to try to beat yourself each week by recording a personal best. 

Girl's Names Improvement Age Group Boy's Names Improvement
Samantha Dowie -23.26 6 & Under Matthew Wang -15.20
Macy Perry -7.25 7-8 yrs Parker Childs -8.49
Elisabeth Myung -18.15 9-10 yrs Matias Munoz -11.99
Emily Clement -4.87 11-12 yrs Ryan Le -6.72
N/A N/A 13-14 yrs Kevin Le -8.74
Victoria Trunick -3.23 15-17 yrs Vincent Pham -2.82

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Triple Drop Swimmers

The following swimmers achieved a Triple Drop (improved their time in all three individual events) at the meet this past Saturday:

Parker Childs Simon Cole Benjamin Edwards Heley Goebel

Kayla Good
Cole Harper Ryan Le Teddy Lehman Matias Munoz Elizabeth Myung
Peter Nguyen Cruz Olivarez Macy Perry Vincent Pham

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Invitational Qualifiers

This week we had TWO NEW swimmers qualify for Invitationals in the below events! Please congratulate:

  • Sidney Nisenfeld in the 25 backstroke
  • Victoria Trunick in the Individual Medley

After five meets we have 44 swimmers qualified for the Invitational meet in 151 events.

Swimmers Short Free Ind. Medley Back Breast Long Free Butterfly # of Events
44 20 30 30 24 20 27 151

WOW - For a list of all swimmers and the events you have qualified in, please click this link!

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