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Issue 8: June 20, 2016

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Captain's Log

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Armada Dad’s!

Congratulations Armada on winning the meet against the Hurricanes this weekend!We had a great meet, lots of fun, time improvements, records broken, and we had more of our young Armada swimmers participating in the meet. Parents were stepping in to help fill volunteer slots to keep the meet going. Big shout out to our Concession Families who are cranking out fabulous food at affordable prices and helping raise money for our team with every sale.We appreciate everyone’s help!

What an awesome Swim-A-Thon we had this week! Tons of fun, food, raffles (yes we are still selling tickets for our raffles), friends and family……and 5, yes FIVE Coaches got their heads shaved!Way to go Armada families to show your support for Zack’s Challenge.Please see below for more details.

This weekend we will have our first (and only) away meet that is away at Block House Creek.Please see below for more details.

Other Reminders and Upcoming Events:

  • Schlotzsky’s Spirit Night on Monday, June 20th
  • Round Rock Express Swim Team Event on Monday, June 27th – see below for more details.
  • Wells Branch 4th of July Parade and Festival – more details to come soon!
  • Coach / Jr. Coach Appreciation Day on Wed, July 6 (during practice)
  • Awards Night at Hill Country Bible Church on Thurs, July 7

Swim Fast – Go Armada!

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Coach's Corner

“I do the very best I know, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end” – Abraham Lincoln

To our amazing Armada swimmers….congratulations on a fantastic meet last Saturday! We won the meet with a score of 391 points but, more importantly, we had over 150 time improvements!! You all came ready to swim your best and you did just that. We are so proud of you. :)

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” – Mike Singletary

This weekend we have an opportunity to travel to Block House Creek and compete against the Tidal Waves. They are an awesome team and always a very welcoming host! This meet is our second to last dual meet before Divisionals and a great opportunity for time improvements and earning Invitational qualifying times. I encourage all swimmers to come and compete in our only away meet this season.

Our swimming goals for this week are:

  1. Improve our backstroke technique, starts, turns and finishes.
  2. Continue our flip turn and IM turns practice.
  3. Have fun doing team building activities.
  4. Increase speed and efficiency in all strokes.

Let’s have a great week of practice!


***Our theme this week: Sunglasses***

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Volunteer Spot

Thanks to many people helping out, we were able to fill the critical positions on Saturday. We even had an individual, from the Hurricanes, answer our Ready Bench announcement. He jumped in to fill one of our slots. Everyone’s flexibility is appreciated.

Our next meet is at Block House Creek. This meet is an away meet so many of the positions, such as swim shop and concessions will not be active. For this meet, the positions are mostly filled and everyone appreciates your assistance here.

If anyone who is volunteering has any volunteer suggestions or feedback, let me know. During this past week, one person brought up the idea of dividing the Pit Parent into shifts. It would be nice to divide it into a first and second half shift. The issue is the shortage of families.

Currently it takes 19 parents to fill the pit parent positions. If the activity was divided into two shifts, the total number of slots would increase to 38. We have difficulty as a team filling the total number of slots required now. Now we have 19 more positions. We do not have 19 families not committing to a position. The final outcome is that the parents who volunteered for the first half will have to volunteer for the second half and we will be back at where we started. Please keep the ideas for improvement coming though.

I hope all the dads had a nice and relaxing Father’s Day!

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2017 Armada Board

Are you interested in serving on the 2017 Armada Board?

If you are we’d like to hear from you!

Please contact anyone on the Board or the Nominating Committee with your interest and or questions about what it means to serve on the Armada Board.

Nominating Committee: Trish Koester, Janell Taffinder and Blake Scott

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Spirit Night - Monday, June 20

Mark your calendars! Wells Branch Armada Swim Team will be having another Team Fundraiser at Schlotzsky’s (La Frontera) on Monday, June 20th from 10 am to 10 pm! Please join us for lunch, dinner (or both!) on this day. 20% of all pre taxed sales will go back to our team! This offer is good for dine in, drive thru, catering or other large orders, and on the purchase of gift cards. All that is required is that you mention you are supporting the Armada Swim Team and they will take care of the rest. Please consider joining us for lunch after morning practices, stopping by on your lunch or dinner break and/or a family night out for dinner. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Block House Creek Pool Maps

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June 25 meet - Away vs Block House Creek

Our fifth dual meet is away versus the Tidal Waves of Block House Creek. This is our first and only meet away at another pool and is a great chance for the swimmers to practice swimming at another pool prior to the end of season meets.

Scratch: Once we close the meet online, email, or text to 512-659-1373 if you have to scratch.

Key Information:

Location: see link above 3100 Block House Drive Leander, 78641
Arrive: 6:30am WBA Warm Ups: 6:55-7:25 AM
Meet Starts: 7:30 AM Theme: Sunglasses :)

Set-up Saturday morning - 6:15AM
We will need volunteers to show up around 6:15 am to help us set up our tents and tarps for our pit areas. Please help us when you arrive with getting everyone settled.

During the Meet
Please note that there will be a playscape near our pits that is off-limits during the meet. Parents please inform your children, and pit parents please take note.

Clean Up
We ask everyone to clean up the pit area, take down tents, fold tarps and help us pack them in the transportation trucks. Pit parents should not release swimmers until their area is clean.


  • There is a small parking lot. A few spots will be reserved for their team's concession and the handicapped. The rest of the lot is reserved for our team to use.
  • There will be grass parking directly across from the pool, so look for Tidal Wave parking attendants to try to get a spot up on the grass and avoid the long walk down the streets. The grass area is not shown as parking on the attached map.
  • Do NOT park on the bridge ore in the cul-de-sac adjacent to the pool. YOU will be TOWED
  • Avoid parking on side streets.
  • Avoid parking too close to intersections, fire hydrants or stop signs.
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Thanks Coach Bethany

"Hey Armada! I am so proud of how you all swam this weekend. Congratulations to all of the swimmers that dropped time and swam personal bests! I am going to miss coaching each and every one of you. Thank you for letting me come and coach even though I couldn't stay through the end of the season. Getting to work with you kids and the rest of the fantastic Armada coaching staff is truly the best job in the world. Love you guys!" - Coach Bethany


We wish to express our thanks to Coach Bethany for her many years of service to the WBA Swim team both as a swimmer, Jr.. coach and finally a coach. We will miss you! Best wishes to you!

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Coach Zack's Challenge...Update!

WOW E WOW WOW WOW!!!!  Coach Zack will be giving the American Cancer Society $1,553.00!!

Way to rise to the double challenge Zack put out to the team! We not only reached…..

Goal 1: $500 in donations and Coach Zack shaves his head

Goal 2: $750 in donations and Coach Tucker shaves his head

Goal 3: $1,000 in donations and Coach Robby shaves his head

Goal 4: $1,250 in donations and Coach Mason shaves his head – I don’t think Coach Mason was ready for that!

Goal 5 ???: I don’t know if Jr Coach Zack Finch was in the original goal setting but we even got him shaved when we announced that we had raised $1,553.00. As I understand it, Jr Coach Zack hasn’t cut his hair since 8th grade!

Thank you to our swimmers who rose to the challenge of being the top lap swimmers in their age brackets so that they could have a chance to shave Coach Zack’s head. Who’d have thought that we’d get to shave five coaches?! All their swimming not only got them the chance to be a “barber”, but also helped raise funds for the Swim-A-Thon!

Thank you Coaches for stepping up and participating as the challenges were met and thank you Coach Zack for your challenge!

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Swim Shop

We will not have swim shop this weekend since we have an away meet at Block House Creek. I will have a few team swim caps that I will have with me at the meet in case your swimmer forgets or rips his/her cap and you need to purchase one.

If you would like to buy anything during the week, please let me know and I’ll be happy to make arrangements with you. Please email me, Marcynda, at

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Swim-a-thon: Update / Money Due

Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered and participated in our annual Swim-A-Thon fundraiser. We appreciate your support!

Swimmers have received donation envelopes in their family folders. We ask that each swimmer collect the money and turn in by Monday, June 27, 2016 to be eligible for prizes. You may give folders to a Board member at practice or place in the Mike’s (treasurer) file or in the Swim-A-Thon Turn-In file in the Board and Coaches' box.

Please note that every family has committed to get donations of or simply pay at least $50 per family, whether you attended swim-a-thon or not.

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Gold Medal Winners

These WB Armada swimmers excelled by placing first in one, two, three, or four individual events at the WBA meet held on June 18.

Single Winners Double Winners Triple Winners
Isabella Bradberry Sevana Allen Joy Chambers
Mya Marquez Abigail Dowie Ephraim Freeman
Addison Myers Kayla Good Justin Good
Shilah Norris Abigail Jahnke Nash Lofland
Mia Smits Caleb Jahnke Fox Pope
Olivia Swain Faith Larimore
Timothy Taffinder Phoenix Mielcarek
Vianna Trunick Andrew Taffinder
Miranda Wadehra
Liam Ward
Bryce Wilson
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Gold Relay Winners

These WB Armada swimmers and their teammates excelled by placing first in the Medley or Freestyle Relays at the meet this Saturday. Congratulations.

Medley Relay Winners

Girls 7-8 1:40.31 Addison Myers, Morgan Phillips, Mya Marques and Hannah Dowie
Boys 7-8 1:40.06 Simon Cole, Bryce Wilson, Nash Lofland and Quinn Richardson
Girls 9-10 1:20.67 Bella Herold, Joy Chambers, Alisha Coffman and Vianna Trunick
Boys 9-10: 1:15.82 William Lunsford, Phoenix Mielcarek, Liam Ward and Timothy Taffinder
Girls 11-12 1:06.49 Daeni Scott, Rachel Pinkston, Faith Larimore and Abigail Jahnke
Boys 11-12: 1:04.82 Ephraim Freeman, Justin Good, Jackson Wright and Beck Wadehra
Boys 13-14 1:59.50 Keegan Gavin, Austine Do, Andrew Taffinder and Fox Pope
Girls 15-17 2:10.99 Isabella Bradberry, Miranda Wadehra, Kayla Good and Sevana Allen
Boys 15-17 1:53.68 Zachary Finch, Mason Freeman, Caleb Jahnke and Nathan Bradford

Freestyle Relay Winners

Girls 7-8 1:34.12 Hannah Dowie, Hallie Cooper, Morgan Phillips and Mya Marquez
Girls 9-10 1:11.19 Vianna Trunick, Bella Herold, Alisha Coffman and Joh Chambers
Boys 9-10 1:05.67 William Lunsford, Phoenix Mielcarek, Reese Tolfa and Timothy Taffinder
Girls 11-12 57.58 Faith Larimore, Rachel Pinkston, Daeni Scott and Abigail Jahnke
Boys 13-14 1:44.83 Fox Pope, Keegan Gavin, Austine Do and Andrew Taffinder
Girls 15-17 1:59.21 Sevanna Allen, Victoria Trunick, Kayla Good and Miranda Wadehra
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Fast Fishy Swimmers

Each week the WBA honors the swimmers in each age group that record the largest time improvement. In swimming, the goal is to try to beat yourself each week by recording a personal best.

These swimmers will receive a special "Fast Fishy" cap from the coaches.

Girls Names Improvement Age Group Boys Names Improvement
Liv Kincer -11.11 6 & Under Ian Spataro -25.95
Aubrey Tipps -5.92 7-8 yrs Devesh Saravanabavan -23.75
Maia Munoz -16.59 9-10 yrs Hayden Zavala -13.90
Akaylia Pons -8.35 11-12 yrs Andrew Ngyen -7.81
Caitlin Pinkston -3.84 13-14 yrs Keegan Gavin -2.58
Madeline Wright -0.87 15-17 yrs Nathan Bradford -1.60

Please congratulate this swimmers

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Triple Drop Swimmers

The following 15 swimmers achieved a Triple Drop (improved their time in all three individual events) at the meet this past Saturday:

Hailey Billings Keegan Gavin Maia Munoz
Kyra Perry Caitlin Pinkston
Ajaylia Pons Fox Pope Sujay Sahoo Srila Shrestha Isabella Thaden
Vianna Trunick Natalie Walter Luke Zaya

Please congratulate these swimmers.  (Triple drop is based on this season times only.)

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Armada Record Breakers

Congratulations to the following swimmers for breaking an Armada record this Saturday!

Swimmer: Event: New Record: Old Record:
Ephraim Freeman Boys 11-12 25 Free 12.36 12.60 set by Ephraim Freeman at SSB meet on 05/28/2016
Ephraim Freeman Boys 11-12 50 Free 26.85 27.12 set by Logan M. O'Reilly at Anderson Mill meet on 06/26/2010
Fox Pope Boys 13-14 50 Back 29.74 29.81 set by Preson Truong at SRB meet on 06/19/2010

See all team records

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Invitational Qualifiers

The Northwest Swim Circuit holds a Championship Meet at the end of the season for qualifying swimmers.

This week we had 1 NEW swimmer qualify for Invitationals! Please congratulate:

Mya Marquez . Fly

We also had swimmers who had previous qualified, qualify in additional events which are noted below in bold-italic. (alpha order by first name)

Swimmer: Events:
Abigail Jahnke Short Free, IM, Back, Breast and Long Free
Amy Taffinder Fly
Andrew Taffinder Short Free, IM, Back, Breast, Long Free and Fly
Austine Do Short Free, Back and Breast
Beck Wadehra IM and Breast
Bryce Wilson Breast and Long Free
Caleb Jahnke Short Free, IM, Back, Long Free and Fly
Chloe Finch IM and Back
Daeni Scott Back
Ephraim Freeman Short Free, IM, Back, Breast, Long Free and Fly
Faith Larimore Short FreeIM, Back, Breast, Long Free, and Fly
Fox Pope Short Free, IM, Back and Fly
Gilbert Lehman Breast
Isabella Bradberry IM, Back and Fly
Jacob Tolfa Back
John Mejia IM and Fly
Joshua Trunick Short Free, IM, Breast, Long Free and Fly
Joy Chambers Short Free, IM, Back, Breast, Long Free and Fly
Justin Good IM and Breast
Kayla Good IM, Back and Fly
Keegan Gavin Short FreeIM , Back and Long Free
Levi Edwards Back
Mason Freeman Short Free and Breast
Miranda Wadehra IM, Back and Breast
Nash Lofland Long Free and Fly
Olivia Swain IM, Breast, Long Free and Fly
Phoenix Mielcarek IM and Breast
Rachel Pinkston Breast and Fly
Sevana Allen Back
Timothy Taffinder Short Free, IM and Long Free
Vincent Pham Back, Breast and Fly
William Lunsford IM and Back
Zachary Finch Back and Breast

Congratulations to our swimmers who have qualified in the above listed events. (Each swimmer will only be able to swim in 3 events at the meet.)

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RR Express Night - Monday, June 27

Monday, June 27, 2016 the RR Express will take on the Colorado Springs Skysox and will begin at 7:05pm. Also, this is dollar hot dog and soda night – Wahoo!

If you ordered tickets through Armada, they should be in your family files. If not, please contact Mike Zayas.

If you missed your chance to order ticket thru Armada, you can still go! You may also purchase your tickets online directly from RR Express at

The gates open at 5:30 pm. By 6:00 pm we need to be gathered under the Jumbo-tron to be escorted down for the parade. For those of you who have never walked around a baseball field, it's larger than you think and will give you a new perspective on the vast area that the players cover during a game. Parents are welcome to walk with their swimmers but do not have to. Coaches and Board Members will be walking with the team. Be sure to wear your Armada shirts!

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July 2 meet - Home vs Round Rock Dolphins

On July 2, we will have our final dual meet, against the Round Rock Dolphins. The Dolphins are a large, Division I team so we will need ALL our swimmers!. This meet will be a great warm-up for the Divisional meet the following Saturday both in length and numbers. Details will be in next week's newsletter, but you can sign your swimmers up and register for volunteer jobs once the meet opens next week.

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End of Season Meets - Reminders

Hi Armada Parents and Swimmers!

High Point Earners
Just a friendly reminder that the Armada has a requirement that anyone receiving the high point award has swum all individual events offered for their age group for which they do not have to "swim up." To qualify, events must be swum at dual meets where points may be earned (i.e., not at the Red, White, and Blue meet, nor at the Divisional meet). Please note that the swimmer must have attempted the event in a dual meet, but need not have obtained a legal time (so if DQ'd, that counts as their attempt). Also, events entered at the rained out meet also count as their attempt, provided the swimmer is listed on the official attendance report. .

This policy is discussed in detail in this FAQ.

Divisional and Invitational Meets
Please also keep in mind that to swim at our end-of-season Divisional meet, a swimmer must swim in two dual meets AND have a legal time in each event they enter at this meet. We really need as many of our swimmers as possible to enter the Divisional meet. Swimmers that are not usually point earners may earn points at the Divisional meet, as points are awarded for places 1-8.

Also, please remember that it is an Armada team rule that a swimmer who wishes to swim in the Invitational Meet must swim at the Divisional meet.

We appreciate your cooperation with the above requirements, which we feel emphasize the team nature of this mostly individual team sport.

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Swim Meet Tips and Checklist

Here are a few important tips to make your swim meet experience successful:

tips Be on time. At the beginning of the meet the coaches will make changes to relay events if there are swimmers that are absent or missing. It is important that swimmers check-in with their pit parent to avoid being scratched from any relay event.
tips Bring nutritious snacks. The swim meets begin very early in the morning and last until noon or later. Please pack healthy snacks for your swimmers to eat such as fresh fruit, bagels, crackers, water, sports drinks, etc. We make an attempt to offer healthy items at the concession stand.
tips Pack appropriate supplies.Towels, sunscreen, goggles, etc - See checklist below...
tips Swimmers should stay in their pit areas The Pit Parents are responsible for watching the swimmers in the pit area and getting them to the ready bench when it is time for their event. If your child is going somewhere with you, please let the pit parents know.
tips MARK EVERYTHING! Please write your child's name on ALL belongings. At the meet, you will be dozens of identical t-shirts, caps, goggles - plus similar towels, flip flips, sunscreen. Don't forget to mark any electronic games - they get mixed up!


Checklist 2 towels Checklist Water or sport's drinks
Checklist Blanket to sit on in pit area Checklist Nutritious snacks
Checklist Warm clothes for after warm-up in early a.m. Checklist Quiet activities to keep them occupied in the pit area between races
Checklist Swim cap Checklist Sunblock
Checklist Goggles Checklist Parents: Bring a chair, wear a hat, apply sunblock!
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