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WBA Newsletter: May 20, 2013

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Captain's Log

by Paul Wadehra, WBA Meet Director

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Red White & Blue meet. Besides being a lot of fun, the swimmers, coaches, and volunteers did a great job of keeping things running smoothly, and we are ready for our first dual meet this Saturday, at home against Steiner Ranch Red.

Wells Branch and Steiner are part of the Northwest Swim Circuit (NWSC), which is our swim league consisting of 13 teams divided into 4 divisions. Steiner Red is a strong team so we will have a fun challenge this Saturday. :-)  You can read more about our swim league at

Arrival time on Saturday is 6:10am at our pool. More details are below.

Our season is off to a great start!

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Coach's Corner

by Gina Zayas, Head Coach

Outstanding performance and amazing effort at our practice meet this weekend!  The coaches saw terrific swims, good sportsmanship, willing attitudes and great enthusiasm!  Thank you so much to all the parents who volunteered and did outstanding for it being so early in the morning!

One of the best reasons to swim in the meets is to assess your progress.  Along each side of the pool during the meet are stroke judges.  It is their responsibility to watch the swimmers and fill out a DQ slip if the swimmer is doing part/s of the stroke wrong.  It is obviously not the desire of the coaches or swimmers to have several of these but they are extremely helpful in knowing what to work on both for the swimmer and the coach.  The DQ slips will be discussed with the swimmer and then put in their family folders each week.  I encourage you to ask any questions you may have about these DQ slips.  

In looking ahead to next week’s meet I’d like to ask our swimmers to please wear either the Armada swim cap or a solid, non-logo cap.  Swimmers please also remember to stay in your pit areas and bring non-active games for during the meet.  The coaches are looking forward to our first dual meet next weekend against the Steiner Ranch Stars! 

This week in practice we will focus on:

  • Stroke Instruction
  • Diving and Backstroke Starts
  • Flip Turns
  • Stamina
  • Sprinting
  • Time Improvement Ribbons
  • Goal Setting

Keep up the great work!

Coach Gina

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Steiner Red Meet - May 25 (home)

Be sure to enter by noon Monday - May 20 using our OME system.

This is a home meet for us and a great way to start our dual meet season. We need as many swimmers as possible to participate in the dual meets because each swimmer is important to the team. Swimmers must be able to swim unassisted and do the strokes legally to participate.

Relays are chosen by the coaches and we try to have as many swimmers as possible participate. Please recognize that if a swimmers signs up for a meet and then does not participate on Saturday, it may result in our having to scratch that relay team from the meet.

Please arrive on time. Late arrival could result in your swimmer being scratched from their relay.

Scratch: Once we close the meet online, email, or text to 512-659-1373 if you have to scratch.

Key Information
Location Willow Bend Pool
Arrive 6:10 am
WBA Warm Ups 6:20 to 6:50
SRB Warm Ups 6:55 to 7:25
Meet Starts 7:30 am
Snackbar Donations requested from ages 13-14
Theme Superhero
At a home meet, Armada families park in the unpaved lot across the street from the pool, leaving the lot adjacent to the pool for our guest team. Please follow instructions from the parking attendants for everyone's safety. Drive slowly and watch for people crossing the street.
Please respect the "no parking" signs where posted.

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Gold Medal Winners

These WBA swimmers excelled by placing first in one, two, three, or four individual events at the Red, White, and Blue practice meet held May 18.

Single Winners Double Winners Triple Winners Quadruple Winners
Alex Shamblin Alix Gavin Brady Bennett Caleb Jahnke
Clara Stokes Bella Herold Joshua Trunick Demi Waworuntu
Coe Scruggs Courtney Black Justin Good Jennifer Kane
Colton Bennett Daeni Scott Logan O'Reilly  
Hardy Prosper Delaney Quinn Vincent Liew  
Jake Tolfa      
Joy Chambers      
Miranda Wadehra      

Relay Winners

Mixed 6-U Street Stokes, Isaac Torres, Brady Bennett, Bella Herold  
Girls 7-8 Mia Fernandez, Daeni Scott, Marianna Herold, Rachel Raymond
Girls 9-10 Grace Ward, Jenna Stabler, Kyla Shane, Hanna Jamalabad  
Girls 11-12 Anaya Carter, Kayla Good, Christina Liew, Demi Waworuntu  
Girls 13-14 Emma Brieger, Eyara Jokar, Lindsey Rankine, Amy Taffinder  
Girls 15-17 Delaney Quinn, Rachel Scruggs, Alix Gavin, Michelle Kinary  
Boys 7-8 Justin Good, Riley Zayas, Amare Carter, Joshua Stabler  
Boys 9-10 Keegan Gavin, Ephraim Freeman, Darren Waworuntu, Jake Tolfa
Boys 11-12 Andrew Taffinder, Fox Pope, Ethan Wu, Caleb Jahnke  
Boys 13-14 Joshua Trunick, Matthew Stehling, Hardy Prosper, Mason Freeman
Boys 15-17 Logan O'Reilly, Coe Scruggs, Robby Hale, Zack Casper  

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Online Meet Entry (OME)

For every swim meet on our schedule, EVERY family MUST login to our website and register your swimmer for the meet. If your swimmer is not able to swim across the pool or you will be out-of-town and cannot participate, you should still login and and complete the form.

Please login to You should see the name(s) of your swimmer(s) and the events for their age group(s).

You will be able to tell us if your swimmer(s) will not attend the meet or if they will not be available to swim either the early or the late relays for that meet.

We need each registered swimmer to fill out this form for each meet.

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June 1 Meet - Away at Anderson Mill

On June 1 we will have our first away meet, at Anderson Mill. Details will be in next week's newsletter, but you can sign your swimmers up, and register for volunteer jobs now.

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Swim-a-thon: Donations Needed for Silent Auction

Our annual Swim-a-thon & Silent Auction will be held Tuesday, June 18. This is our primary fundraiser for the year and the funds raised help us keep our registration fees low and help us purchase needed equipment.

We are asking for donations of goods or services or gift certificates that we can auction off during the event. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and donations are tax decuctible.

Please contact Scott Casper at 512.547.5730 or email him at He has letters you can distribute to area businesses.

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Practice Schedules

We may make changes to this schedule after practice starts if we have too many swimmers in the pool at one time. Our goal is to make each practice as even as possible so the swimmers have the best experience possible.

If you have any questions please contact Marcynda Verdicchio.

Practice Schedule: May 6 - June 4 -- Monday-Friday

Practice 1: Ages 7-8 4:30 - 5:15 PM
Practice 2: Ages 6 and Under 5:15 - 6:00 PM
Practice 3: Ages 9-11 6:00 - 7:00 PM
Practice 4: Ages 12 & Up 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Practice Schedule: June 5 - July 5 -- Monday-Friday

Practice 1: Ages 12 & Up 7:15 - 8:45 AM
Practice 2: Ages 6 and Under 8:45 - 9:30 AM
Practice 3: Ages 7-8 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Practice 4: Ages 9-11 10:30 - 11:30 AM

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Swim Meet Tips and Checklist

Here are a few important tips to make your swim meet experience successful:

tips Be on time. At the beginning of the meet the coaches will make changes to relay events if there are swimmers that are absent or missing. It is important that swimmers check-in with their pit parent to avoid being scratched from any relay event.
tips Bring nutritious snacks. The swim meets begin very early in the morning and last until noon or later. Please pack healthy snacks for your swimmers to eat such as, fresh fruit, bagels, crackers, water, sports drinks etc. We make an attempt to offer healthy items at the concession stand.
tips Pack appropriate supplies.Towels, sunscreen, goggles, etc - See checklist below...
tips Swimmers should stay in their pit areas The Pit Parents are responsible for watching the swimmers in the pit area and getting them to the ready bench when it is time for their event. If your child is going somewhere with you, please let the pit parents know.
tips MARK EVERYTHING! Please write your child's name on ALL belongings. At the meet, you will be dozens of identical t-shirts, caps, goggles - plus similar towels, flip flips, sunscreen. Don't forget to mark any electronic games - they get mixed up!



Checklist 2 towels Checklist water or sport's drinks
Checklist blanket to sit on in pit area Checklist nutritious snacks
Checklist warm clothes for after warm-up in early a.m. Checklist Quiet activities to keep them occupied in the pit area between races
Checklist Swim cap Checklist sunblock
Checklist goggles Checklist Parents: Bring a chair, wear a hat, apply sunblock!
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